How to use the Bulk Upload (Vendors, Products, Inventory)


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How Bulk Import/Export Files Work (Overall)

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How to Fix Bulk Import Errors on SoStocked


In this step, you will learn how to use the Bulk Upload feature to add Cost of Goods, MOQ, Payment Terms, Warehouse Levels & other details to your account in one simple, flat file upload.

Update: Display Name is now Product Name. (Use this to shorten your product name in SoStocked. Don't worry, it won't change your Amazon listing.)


The below columns are the best columns to add details to in the Bulk Upload file for best results within the SoStocked software:
On the Products tab:
- Product Name formerly Display Name (Use this to shorted your product name in SoStocked. Don't worry. It won't change your Amazon Listing.)
- Product Packaging Description for PO
- Units per Carton (aka case)
- Cost per Unit 1
- MOQ 1
On the Vendor tab:
- Name should be the name of the representative you work with
- Email Address
- Payment Terms section: % Due 1
- Days Until Due 1
- % Due 2
- Days Until Due 2
On the Inventory tab:
Any inventory levels for warehouses where you are holding inventory.

Bulk Export/Import

In this article, I'll show you how to export your data from SoStocked, update it in an Excel document, and upload it again -- everything from bundles (also known as kits) to just adding new products, vendors, etc.

First, go to your Settings page, and click on "Bulk Export/Import".

From here, select " Download Quick Export (all products)" and click on the green Download button.

It will then appear here in the Previous Exports. Click on the blue Download button.

Locate the downloaded file and click on it to open it up.

Now, you're going to see at the bottom there's going to be different sheets -- there's Vendors, Products, Brands, and Warehouse Inventory levels

If you want to add new products, you can either do it directly on SoStocked or you can do it here -- scroll down to the bottom of your Products sheet until you reach this gray line that says "Add NEW PRODUCTS BELOW THIS LINE".

You are also able to build out your bundles or kits here -- let's take this Stainless Cocktail Shaker BUNDLE as an example. As you can see, it's marked as "Yes" under the column that says "Bundled Product (aka Kit)"

If you scroll all the way to the right -- until you reach Column AJ - Bundles (Kits) Made with These Products to the right -- you can see that it is made with these two products whose unique identifiers are Insert-1 and 1234ABC.

So you can update either your UPC or your ASIN and the quantity in these columns. Let's say you have extra packaging, or you have other inserts, etc. -- if those things are things that you need to keep track of with inventory, this is how you can build those out with that Excel document.

Moving on to the Vendors sheet, you're also able to add new vendors or suppliers. You can see at the top the things that are required -- Vendor Name, Supplier, Warehouse, Prep Center, Freight Forwarder,&

As you scroll to the right, you'll see all the other information that you can update if you want to. For example, the Country, Address Line 1, City, etc. -- so look for any of the things that have 3 asterisks (***). The same goes with your Brands and Warehouse Inventory Levels.

Once you're done updating the information in this Excel document, click on File.

Click on Save As, then put "V2" which stands for Version 2 on the file name so that you have your original copy as well as your second version of it. Then, click on the Save button.

Now, go back to your Bulk Export/Import page. In the "Upload Updated Data", choose Products, Vendors, Warehouse Inventory as your upload type from the drop-down menu, browse and select the file, then click on the green Upload button.

It will then appear here in the Previous Imports and its status should say "Upload finished successfully".

How to Fix Errors

If there is an error and the file will not import SoStocked will come up with a warning telling you what error took place.

Just below this section will be another block that tells you what information needs to be changed.

You can go back into your spreadsheet, find the error in the indicated field, in this example it's Products - F6, and make the changes on your spreadsheet and then upload the corrected sheet to Sostocked.

Or you can input the information right there on the Bulk Export/Import page.

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