BULK: How to Make Bundles, Kits & Multi Packs


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Learn how to use your Bulk File Upload to quickly batch create bundles in SoStocked through file upload. This is helpful if you have a lot of bundles, multi-packs, or kits to build within your catalog.

How To Create and Build Bundles, Multi Packs, or Kits Using Bulk Export/Import

First, go to your Settings page and click on "Bulk Export/Import".

From here, select Download Quick Export (active products) from the drop-down menu, and click the green Download button.

After downloading, it will appear in the Previous Exports. Click on the blue Download button.

Locate the downloaded file and open it.

Once you've opened it, click on the Products sheet down here.

Now, click on D7 (Column D, Row 7), go to the View tab up here, and click on Freeze Panes to make this easier for you to scroll down or side to side.

I'm going to search for an ASIN and I've highlighted the row to make it easier -- so here is an ASIN and this is a product that we're actually going to bundle. In this case, I changed the product name to " Bath Body Works Men Lotion (Multi Pack 3). You can rename anything here on the bulk spreadsheet and it does not affect your Amazon account -- this is only for your own ease of use in SoStocked.

Now, scroll over to Column AJ (right now it's AJ but this might change in the future as we add more) but basically scroll over to the column that says Bundles (Kits) Made with These Products to the right. It looks complicated but it's not -- you're basically telling the system what is the other ASIN and how many quantities you want as part of that bundle. I highly recommend you go read and watch this article: How Product Bundles, Kits, & Multi Packs Work -- there's a video in here that actually walks you through how to build it manually.

Essentially, all we're doing here is we're saying that this ASIN (B00PI1Z1KK) is composed of 3 units of this ASIN (B075T68C9D). So this ASIN (B075T68C9D) is a product we're already selling on Amazon -- let's say it's a bottle of shampoo -- and I want 3 of those in this multi pack to make up one of this ASIN (B00PI1Z1KK). That's all you have to do -- it's very simple. Then, you can just save this and upload it back to your Bulk Export/Import page.

Now, you can build out much more complicated bundles. Let's say that the product included in your bundle was not selling on Amazon so you don't have an ASIN -- you can use either the UPC or some key identifier. Now, the way SoStocked works is you have to use some kind of a key identifier number. If you don't have an ASIN or SKU, you could plug in a UPC. If you don't have a UPC -- let's say this is a packaging which means that it's not sold by itself -- you can just add something in the UPC column. So let's say that this " asdfadsfads" is the product and it doesn't have a UPC -- you can use a fake number (in this case, we'll be putting "12321"), then copy this number.

Go back to Column AJ, paste that number in here, and put the quantity that you want.

Then let's say you also want 2 of this ASIN (B00KU2P9RM), and 3 of this ASIN (B081J3XSYH). All of these different ASINs and packaging make up your bundle.

The final way you can do this is actually if you scroll down here to the bottom of your Products sheet, it says " Add NEW PRODUCTS BELOW THIS LINE, REQUIRED COLUMNS ARE MARKED WITH AN ***". To make this simple, we've got a product name that I've put in here -- Shampoo & Conditioner Bundle. It doesn't have a product ID in SoStocked yet -- don't put anything in there because that will be automatically created once the product is created inside of SoStocked when we upload this file. So here's my Amazon ASIN (B0000CFGT8) for this new bundle that I'm making.

Now, scroll over to Column AJ and I will do the same thing -- I'll put in my UPC number or unique identifier (in this case, Insert-1) 1 unit, then my second ASIN or unique identifier (B00PI1Z1KK) 3 units, etc. until I built out my bundle. Once you're done, save this file.

Go back to your Bulk Export/Import page and scroll down to "Upload Updated Data". From here, select the "Products, Vendors, Warehouse Inventory" from the drop-down menu, choose the file that you saved, and click on the green Upload button.

You can verify that your upload is complete here in the Previous Imports -- it should say "Upload finished successfully".

You can double verify by going to your Inventory page. In this case, I've created a Bundles dashboard to make it simple, and here is my bundle. Now, click on& Bath Body Works Men Lotion (3 pack).

As you can see, it has the name, and if I wanted to I could have put other information inside the spreadsheet.

In this case, what I wanted to show you is this part right here -- this bundle is the first one I showed you where it's just 3 units of this existing product make up this 1 bundle.

Again, if you haven't watched the video on how to make a bundle manually, go ahead and find that. The easiest way to do that is to search the word " bundle" at help.sostocked.com.

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