Editing Vendor Names

When you first import your Amazon Store or when you ship into FBA from a new address, you will notice if you click on the Vendors tab, that several Vendors will have been imported that are listed only by abbreviated address, as in the below:

This is because SoStocked imports Vendors from Amazon’s FBA Shipment information’s ship-from addresses. Those Vendors come through as addresses only.

You will want to update these Vendors by renaming them to match their addresses to the Vendor names, whether Supplier, Warehouse, or Prep Center.

Simply click on the Vendor name – the truncated address in this case – and you will be taken to the edit page.

There are many different fields you can edit or update within the Vendor edit page which you can learn on the Editing Vendor Details Page (Article Pending) tutorial but for the quick purpose of this tutorial, we are simply covering editing the Vendor Name.

The Vendor Detail Page will open up and you will see the Vendor Name toward the top.

You can now change this to the actual Vendor name. The Display Name to the right of Vendor Name is for use when the full Vendor Name is quite long and needs to be nicknamed or easier readability.

Once you have updated the Vendor Name, you will need to add a Vendor email address and phone number as required. Email is required in order to email Purchase Orders to the Vendor directly from within the SoStocked platform.

If you do not have a phone number for your supplier, you can simply put N/A for Not Applicable and Save the page.

Quick Tip: Sometimes SoStocked will pick up an address from Amazon’s API that is not needed or no longer used by your company. Learn how to Archive Vendors by reading the article Archive & Restoring Vendors & Products.

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