Create Receipts/Invoices for Wholesale Orders To Vendors

Sales Receipts/Invoices for Wholesale Orders to Vendors

Sometimes Amazon sellers need to record a transfer of inventory from a warehouse to a wholesaler. Here is a simple and effective workaround.

Start on the Vendors page. Then using the top "+" green button, create a new vendor.

From this page, you will simply create a new "Warehouse" and name it something you'll understand. Something generic, like "Generic WH".

You'll want to make sure you de-select all of the Amazon marketplaces so these inventory changes don't affect your Amazon account. Just SoStocked for tracking and receipt purposes.

After saving, click on this new vendor from your list of available vendors. This will open the vendor settings page.

Create a new Lead Time for this new vendor. Something like 1 day for production and 1 day to transfer.

Now you can create a new Work Order (WO) and just fill out the basic information on the product, units, to what warehouse (i.e. Walmart, etc.).

Save the work order and submit.

This effectively subtracts this transferred inventory from your warehouse inventory, without affecting your SoStocked Forecast.

If you want, you can go to your inventory page, select "Warehouse Levels" (blue button on top, right). Select all. Open up "Bulk actions". This opens up a window where you can zero out the FBM Sales field.

Or, you can leverage Bulk Import / Export to do the same thing. If you have any questions please contact Support!

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