How to Adjust a Lead Time Within a Purchase Order

At times, it becomes necessary to shorten or length the standard lead time within a particular purchase order.

This is most often done when you normally ship ocean freight but have to ship by air for one order or when a delay occurs that adds an extra week to your lead time, for example, the raw material being on backorder.

You can adjust your lead time either while initially setting up the purchase order or after the purchase order has been set up and is currently running through its lead time timeline within the order tracker.

Adjusting Lead Time Upon PO Creation

When you are initially creating your Purchase Order (PO), you can edit the default lead time either by selecting a new Saved Lead Time or by editing specific details of the current lead time.

To switch the lead time to a new Saved Lead Time, by first scrolling down to the PO page until you get to the Products & Shipping section where you will find Vendor Lead Times. Then click on the edit icon on the right.

This will open up and allow you to edit the Lead Time. To change the currently selected Lead Time, click on the Lead Time dropdown. All Saved Lead Times will open up and you can select the correct Lead Time. Once the new Lead Time is selected and the green Confirm button clicked, your Lead Time for the PO will be updated. You need only to complete the PO and click Save.

If you would simply like to change the details within the current Lead Time, you can click on any one of the dropdowns for either the Status or the number of days and adjust any. You can also add or remove any Status by clicking the plus (+) or cross (x) buttons to remove or add Statuses.

Adjusting Lead Time for Currently Running POs

To adjust the Lead Time for a PO that is currently running, you can locate the PO in the Purchase Orders list and edit it as above or you can edit it directly from the Order Tracker.

To do this, navigate to the Order Tracker by clicking on the Orders icon on the left margin and the Order Tracker tab.  Then, locate the PO you would like to edit.

Click on the PO and a pop-up will open giving more information about the Purchase Order as well as an Edit Order button, which will immediately open up the PO to edit in the same way as above.

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