How To Create Warehouse to Warehouse Transfers - 2 Ways

Getting Started

When migrating or transferring inventory from one warehouse to another, start from the Vendors page. 

Creating a New Lead Time

Using the green "+" button in the top left, choose "New Lead Time". Set your Lead Time parameters. i.e., Ground Transport, 1 day. 3rd Party Warehouse 1 day.  Save. 

Creating Work Orders for Inventory Transfers

As covered in previous training videos, Work Orders are for transfers from warehouse to warehouse, or from warehouse to Amazon.

From the Vendors page, click the green "+" button in the top left. 

From the Work Order creation page, just fill out the basic info: WO number, Warehouse name, ship the product, which product, etc.

Make sure to edit (select) the lead time to the new one you set up for this warehouse to warehouse transfer. 

Once you save your WO, you can review it and send it to your warehouse for processing. 

Option 2, Bulk Actions

Another way to quickly "move" inventory in SoStocked (recategorize) is to use Bulk Actions. Start from your inventory page. Select the ASIN(s) you wish to transfer by checking their boxes. 

From this same inventory page, use the Bulk Actions drop-down to select Update Warehouse Inventory. 

From this page, you can just edit the inventory levels like a journal entry. There's less of a "paper trail" using this method, as no WO has been created, but there is a log kept  of everything in case you  need to ever audit  your account 

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