Managing Your Missing FBA Inventory

Start from the Orders Page

From the orders page on the far left margin, click on the "FBA Shipments" button, which opens a new dashboard, where you can see all FBA Shipments.

From here, click on the "Missing" button. This will filter all FBA shipments to show only the closed shipments where all inventory has arrived and checked in, but at least 1 unit is missing from Amazon.

Opening Cases With Amazon Seller Support

From this page, you can click on the FBA shipment ID and it will literally take you to your Seller Central account. From there, you can open a case with Amazon Seller Support, where you can request a reimbursement for missing inventory.

It's a good idea to have your VA or assistant run this report once a week or once a month (depending on your sales volume) and open these cases. Once a case has been opened, you can update the status of the case, add notes, etc. using the options menu next to each FBA shipment ID.

Filtering Data and Saving Dashboards

As with any page in SoStocked, you have the option to filter your search results.

In this example below, we opted to filter out all shipments where the status is:
Missing units is greater than 0, and
Internal Status is NOT Refunded & Closed

This will filter OUT all shipments that you have already handled. Do you get the idea? You can play around with this and create your own filters, bulk actions, or dashboard to get the data that you want in one click!

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