Using Product Tags

What is a Product Tag?

A product tag is a way to classify or label a product or group of products so that you can apply settings to them later. For example, you may want to tag a specific group of products as "Christmas Sellers", or "Summertime", or maybe even "Liquidate".

Start From Your Inventory Page

From the Inventory page, you can create filters to choose or select criteria of products.

In this example, we have filtered all active products, with an adjusted velocity of lesser than 5 units/day, but adjusted velocity over 0 units/day. In other words, my slow-moving products.

Bulk Actions

Once you have properly filtered products, then select all and go to the Bulk Actions and choose "Assign a Tag".

Name the tag for future reference. In this example, we are naming it "Marketing". These are slow-moving products that we will increase marketing efforts on to improve sales.

How to Use a Product Tag?

From the Forecast page, there are many settings from velocity calculation, to order/transfer scheduling, to adding upcoming sales, and more. You can save any of these settings in any product to a tag, which would save it across all of the products you have tagged as above.

In this example, we are adding an additional 10% sales growth on top of our product forecast, as we plan on doing some marketing this year. I want this marketing effort to be reflected in my product forecast. I just choose the "Save to Tag" option, then select the tag, "Marketing" and save. Now only the products with that Marketing tag will get that forecast change.

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