Create A Purchase Order For A Bundled Product

Start from the Forecast Page

Let's say you want to place a purchase order for a product that has one or more sub-products (components) that make up a bundle. Your product bundle has already been created. (See bundling videos if you need to learn how to bundle products).

Start from your Forecast page where it says to place your order. Click the green button to start your PO.

Creating Your Purchase Order

SoStocked will automatically create the Purchase Order workflow page.

From this page, look at the number of available inventory from your existing warehouse for EACH of the sub-products or components in the bundle. For example, in this order, we have nearly 12,000 units of the RAW Stainless shaker at the warehouse, and 214 units of the False eyelashes.

Since we have more than enough RAW stainless shakers to make our 180 bundles, we do not need to purchase any new inventory. We can just remove this sub-product from our PO by clicking on the red "X" on the far right of the product.

We have 214 false eyelashes, but we need 360. That's a deficit of 146 units that we need to order from our supplier. So we need to manually change the number of units to order from 360 to 146 unless we want more inventory at the warehouse.

Complete the Purchase Order

Once we have updated the correct order numbers, we can simply move forward with the rest of our PO, just as we normally would. Submit the PO to your supplier.

Note: Once all of the new inventory arrives at your warehouse, you would create a Work Order with instructions to bundle the 180 units and 360 units accordingly. If your Supplier is the same vendor that bundles your inventory and sends it to Amazon, simply put instructions in your purchase order for bundling. These instructions can also be set at the product level in the "Inventory Page".

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