Understanding Lead Times & the Order Tracker

It is important to understand how lead times work in order to understand how your inventory workflow will run.

The Order Tracker is used to track your orders along the inventory timeline, from the moment the order is placed through production and shipping until it ends up at its final destination. All this is dictated by the Lead Time set by you when creating your Purchase Order or Work Order.

Each Purchase Order tile will move through the Order Tracker timeline from In Production through Enroute to Prep Center, 3rd Party Warehouse, and to FBA Check-in based on the timeline designated by the Lead Time assigned to each PO.

This means that if you have designated 30 days In Production in your Lead Time, 30 days after the PO Date, your PO tile will move from the In Production column to the Enroute column.

When the PO tile is in the Enroute column, an icon will appear on the PO tile to indicate the mode of delivery selected in your Lead Time for that PO as in the below example. The icon will appear after the PO number.

The Airplane icon is used for all airfreight shipments.

The Boat icon is for any ocean freight.

The Truck icon indicates any ground shipments.

The Enroute column is used for all stages of freight for your orders. Therefore, if your Lead Time requires an Ocean Freight shipment to a 3rd Party Warehouse, then Ground Freight to FBA, you will see your PO tile move from the Enroute column with a Boat icon to the 3rd Party Warehouse column then back again to the Enroute column with a Truck icon before landing finally in the FBA Check-in column.

At this stage, unless you have already assigned FBA Shipment IDs to your POs, you will be prompted to Reconcile your FBA Shipments to your POs. Once your POs and FBA Shipments have been Reconciled, they both will be removed from the Order Tracker. Read this article, to learn more about How to Reconcile FBA Shipments.

Your Purchase Order will continue to follow the timeline laid out in the assigned Lead Time unless you adjust the Lead Time or elect to turn off the automatic Lead Time for that PO and switch to Manual Mode.

To learn more about these two options, read:
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