Creating FBA Shipping Plan Flat Files from SoStocked


As of June 2021, Amazon Seller accounts are using a new shipping plan interface. This interface still accepts flat files, but sometimes asks for an additional flat file in the workflow. This new file is called the "Manifest Shipment Workflow". These templates are now included in the SoStocked download.

2021 Seller Central Workflow update:

Original Video Tutorial (Please watch):

What is a Flat File?

An inventory flat file is a simple spreadsheet that you can download, add information to and then upload elsewhere. In this case, Amazon FBA allows sellers to create shipment plans for one or many products using a flat file. This saves time where you would normally have to go through several steps in Seller Central, many screens, etc. The flat file allows you to move inventory order data from SoStocked to Amazon in one simple sheet.

How to Download the Flat File from So Stocked

There are several places you can download the file from:

1. Once you create a PO or WO (work order), you can download the flat file for those specific products from inside the PO or WO

2. You can also download flat files using either the drop-down menu next to each PO or WO on the Orders Page or using Bulk Actions.

Filtering Dashboards for Bulk Downloads

If you are using Bulk Actions to download flat files, it's a good idea to learn how to filter your POs or WOs so that you are only seeing what you are looking for. For example:

FILTER: Destination contains "Amazon FBA"
FILTER: Shipment Status is not "FBA Check-in"
FILTER: Shipment Status is not "Cancelled"

Play around with the filters and figure out what works best for you to create the dashboard you like. Then save the dashboard as a favorite!

Choosing the Correct File From Your Download

When you download the flat file from SoStocked, you will get a .zip file. Once you unzip it, there will be two folders, a "Case Pack" folder and a "Individual Pack" folder. Choose the correct folder based on which type of Amazon FBA shipment you are creating. These are your flat files.

Preparing for Upload to Amazon Seller Central

Once you have downloaded your shipping plan flat files, you MUST make sure they are formatted correctly or Seller Central will not process the information correctly.

  • Ensure all the destination information is filled out, such as "ShipToCountry", "AddressName", etc.
  • Ensure the flat file is saved in the proper format to upload, such as .csv, .tsv, etc.

Uploading to Seller Central

Log into your Amazon Seller Account. From the "Inventory" tab, select the "Manage FBA Shipments" option. From this page click the "Upload Shipping Plan" link on the far right.

New interface
As of June 2021, Amazon Seller Central is using a new interface, which is not accepting flat file uploads. Simply opt out of this new interface by clicking the link and then proceed as shown below.

From this page, you can upload your flat file. You do not need to download the template because you already have the file from SoStocked.

Fixing Errors

Don't freak out if you get error messages after your upload. It's usually very simple: either a wrong file format or missing data on the flat file, such as warehouse state or zip code. This is why it's important to make sure your vendors are set up fully inside of SoStocked, with all pertinent data saved. if you do get an error, just download the error report, fix whatever it says, and re-upload.

Finish Your Shipping Plan

Once you've successfully uploaded your flat file, then you need to click on "Shipping Plans" from this same page on Seller Central. Now click on "Shipping Plans" and finally, click on "Work on Shipping Plan" to continue working on your shipment in FBA.

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