How to Turn Off Marketplaces

Turn off Marketplaces by SKU

SoStocked pulls all marketplaces from your Amazon API. This video shows you how to deactivate any marketplace that you are not currently selling in. The first way to do this is on a SKU level. if you only need to turn off a particular marketplace for a few SKUs, then start on the Inventory page. Open up the product you wish to edit, then scroll down to the Retail Pricing & SKUs section. Click the red button to deactivate that marketplace.

If you decide to add that marketplace back in, simply click the Disabled SKUs button to add it back.

Turn off Marketplaces for the Account

If you wish to turn off this marketplace for the entire account, go to the Settings page and click on Connected Amazon Store box.

Now simply turn off the marketplaces you wish to deactivate by moving the toggles. That's it!

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