How do I Update My Warehouse (3pl) Inventory?

Syncing Warehouses to SoStocked

If you are using SoStocked as intended, all inventory will automatically be updated when you send inventory into your warehouse, or when you transfer inventory out of your warehouse into FBA. This is how our Purchase Orders (POs) and Work Orders (WOs) work.

At this moment, SoStocked does not have an API into 3PL warehouses, so inventory must be updated manually if you are not using POs or WOs.

Assigning Products to a Warehouse

If you plan to update warehouse inventory beyond using our PO or WO system, you must assign the products to this warehouse. Start on the Inventory page. Select the products and in Bulk Actions choose to "Assign to Warehouse".

Updating Inventory

The first way to update inventory is using the "hamburger" menu (three verticle lines) on the right side of any product on the Inventory page. Simply click that menu and select, Update Warehouse Inventory. Simply type in the inventory number and save changes.

The next way is using the Bulk Actions menu on this same page. Select all or a portion of the products on this page, then use the Bulk Actions menu to add warehouse inventory per product.

The last way to update inventory is using our Bulk Import / Export feature on the Settings page.

Download the Quick Export (Active Products) list. Make sure to watch the video to make sure you are using the correct sheet and inputting your data correctly.

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