How to Create a PO for Inventory That's Already in Production


Sometimes you may need to create a Purchase Order for inventory that you had already ordered some time ago, and that inventory is already in production or on its way. This article explains how to do this.

How to Create a P.O. for a Product That's Already in Production?

Let's say you just signed up for SoStocked. You're creating your first purchase order, but you already placed that purchase order with your supplier previously. It's not going to show up here on your dashboard or order tracker.

In this situation, you can create a purchase order to reflect this order on your SoStocked account.

Type the P.O. number, then choose your supplier and product(s).

There are two methods to show this past order to SoStocked, and it's always going to use the default lead time assigned to the supplier.

Lead times are everything in the system as everything is based on it. Lead times are assigned from a vendor level, and then they go down from there.

You can change the lead time, including the additional details of that lead time.

For example, let's say it normally takes 30 days to produce a specific product, but you're starting the purchase order halfway through the production time. You can change the production time row to 15 days, click confirm, and that will edit your lead time appropriately.

In other words, you can manipulate the specific details of your chosen lead time for this purchase order.

The other method is through  backdating.

When you backdate your lead time, you change the P.O. date according to the same date you purchased the product from your manufacturer. This way, the specific details of your default lead time are not changed, but it will adjust the P.O. arrival date accordingly on SoStocked.

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