Bulk Create & Edit POs or Work Orders


Many sellers have huge orders of many products at one time and prefer to upload a spreadsheet file to create their shipments. This first video overview above shows you where to go inside of SoStocked to download and learn the bulk file templates for both purchase orders (POs) and work orders (WOs).

Make sure to watch the videos linked below for the step-by-step instructions on exactly how to do the bulk creation, as well as the bulk edit, as the process is slightly different.

How to Create New Bulk POs or WOs (VIDEO)

(See full step-by-step instructions below)

How to Edit Existing Bulk POs or WOs (VIDEO)

(See full step-by-step instructions below)

How to Create New Bulk POs or WOs (INSTRUCTIONS)

Start from the Settings page. Click on Bulk Export/Import.

From the bulk export page, use the drop-down menu to select the PO Bulk Upload template, or WO Bulk Upload Template, depending on which type of order you are working on.

Make sure to watch the video and then download the template.

Using the template, fill out the information on the top row from left to right. Such as PO Number, Activate status, PO date, Supplier Name, ASIN.

Take note:

  • Activate status must be "Yes" or the PO will be in Draft mode and the inventory will not be counted in your forecast
  • Supplier Name must match EXACTLY the supplier name displayed in SoStocked or it won't match up. So the best bet is to copy/paste from the Vendors page.
  • Make sure to use ASIN, SKU or FN SKU so the product matches up correctly.

Cost per Unit and Lead Time will use the default set at a supplier level or product level. If you wish to override or change either of these, enter in your costs manually, or Lead Time ID by copying your Lead Time from the Lead Times page.

The only time it will require the AMZ marketplace is if you're sending this shipment directly to FBA. If you are sending it to a warehouse, then leave this blank.

If you are sending DIRECT to FB, then the AMZ Marketplace will be the two-letter code that corresponds with your Amazon marketplace such as, US, CAN, UK, DE, etc.

If you are sending multiple products per PO, just copy the PO number, "Yes", Date, Supplier, etc. down as many rows as you need to.

Add each ASIN, SKU, or FN SKU as needed, while keeping the same PO number and date. Add quantities, pricing, lead times, etc.

NOTE: If you are splitting this shipment, make sure to use the correct lead times for each product.

If you want to create additional POs, simply repeat this process on the same spreadsheet with a new PO number. You can do this for as many POs as you need. You can future date them, etc.

Once you are done, save the template file.

Now go back to the Bulk Export/Import page and upload the document!

IMPORTANT NOTE: If any of y our lead times include a warehouse or prep-center, SoStocked with automatically create a work order for this PO. This is because the warehouse must get instructions for what to do with this inventory. You do not need to create a WO unless you are shipping inventory from a warehouse ONLY (no production).

Work Orders

Very similar to the PO system. Download the template, fill out all the information, and upload.

NOTE: If you do not use a Lead Time ID in the Work Order template, the system will use your default transfer time. Currently, the system default transfer time is 10 days and you can change that at the forecast level.

How to Edit Existing Bulk POs or WOs (INSTRUCTIONS)

From your existing PO or WO, click Edit and scroll down to the shipment area. NOTE: If you have multiple shipments per PO or WO, then you will be able to bulk update each shipment separately.

Click on the Bulk Edit Shipment option. Download the template. Make sure to watch the video, which is also posted above in this article.

If this is a new PO or WO, then the spreadsheet will be blank. You only need to enter one of the key identifiers per product: ASIN, SKU, or FN SKU. You do not need to enter all three. Add the unit quantity, cost per unit and that's it.

If this is an existing PO with products already chosen, you can either edit the info or add new products to this spreadsheet.

If you have a lead time on this order that is going to a warehouse, you can edit the "Units Arrived". If the inventory is going to FBA, then you do not update this field. Amazon gives us that information automatically.

Now you need to upload your worksheet. Choose whether you are overwriting an existing shipment, or adding to a shipment.

You can update all of your shipments, whether they are in a PO or a Work Order the same way.

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