Editing Product Names

When your products import from your Amazon Store, the product name is pulled directly from the keyword-rich title that you use to rank well on Amazon, as in the example below.

In order to quickly and easily identify product names in the SoStocked system, it sometimes becomes necessary to create a product nickname to quickly and easily read the product in the software.

As information is pulled directly from Amazon on a daily basis, any changes to the Product Name field are consistently overwritten. This is why we have a Product Name field. The Product Name field will overwrite the Amazon Product Name throughout the SoStocked system.

To change  a Product Name, click Inventory on the left margin and the Products Name in the grid.

You'll notice the Amazon name will always appear at the top in the gray text while the product name can be edited to whatever you want. This will not affect anything on Amazon, it will only update all the product names across SoStocked.Once done scroll to the bottom and click Save.

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