Auto-Generate PO & Work Order Number Settings


This video shows you how to use the Settings page to automatically generate PO and work order numbers on

Turn on the setting to auto-generate PO or WO numbers

From your Settings page click on the Inventory Settings option.

In the Inventory Settings, there is "Auto-Populate PO Numbers" option and "Auto-Populate Work Order Numbers" option.

Use the blue toggle to turn on or off these options. If the option is toggled "on" then SoStocked will auto-generate the numbers for all new Purchase Orders and Work Orders.

Select how you would like the PO or WO numbers to generate. Click in the box to choose the different variables and the order in which you would like the information to show.

Once you have it set, Activated or Deactivated, make sure to click the green Save button.

A log will be created to show how this setting has been updated so you can easily keep track of changes.

Now when you make a new purchase order or new work order it will pull in the Date, Time, Vendor Name, Order Sequence, etc. according to the variables that you selected and in the order that you chose.

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