Inviting Team Members and Linking Multiple SoStocked Accounts


This video will show you how to assign team roles and how to invite your additional accounts so that you can log in and toggle between all of your different SoStocked accounts in one place.

How to assign another Team Role

Log into your account and click on your grey account icon in the bottom left corner. Select the Team / Roles menu option.

A page with all of your current connected accounts will appear. Click on the Invite team member button.

Enter the person that you wish to invite's email address. They will receive an email from SoStocked with a link to create their username and password. They must go into this email, accept the invitation and set this up to gain access.

We don't have user permissions. This gives the person full access to your SoStocked account.

If you are a SoStocked user with multiple accounts - whichever account you are in when you do this process is the one that they will be able to access. If you are inviting a new team member and need them to have access to each of your SoStocked accounts you would log in to each account and invite them one at a time.

If you would like to add more accounts, SoStocked offers the functionality to activate multiple accounts using different email addresses. You would need to purchase a license for each corporation. Once that's done we can link all the accounts together so you only have one login and can bounce between each easily.Since you already have a license, we can give you a discount on each additional license you want at a discount.

Please email us at [email protected] if you are interested in a secondary account.

Once you do that, you will receive a separate email for each account with instructions on how to link them up.

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