How Does SoStocked Set Your Primary SKU for Amazon?


Each ASIN or product may have several different SKUs in the same marketplace. When this occurs SoStocked makes one of the SKUs the default or the SKU that shows up first. Here are the reasons why this happens and how you can change it.

Default SKU

This is the SKU that shows first on the Inventory Page or the SKU that shows on your bulk export.

SoStocked pulls data from Amazon using the ASIN. So the ASIN is the common denominator that links the whole product together.

So what is the deciding factor on this SKU?

1. The SKU with the most inventory

When there are multiple SKUs for a product in the same marketplace then SoStocked will take the SKU with the most inventory and use that as the primary SKU.

You can find this information by clicking on the product from the Inventory Page and scrolling down to Retail Pricing & SKUs

2. The SKU with the higher price.

When there is more than one SKU and they don't have any inventory then the deciding factor would be the SKU that has the higher price.

3. Highest on the list

What if you have 2 different SKUs with equal inventory and equal prices? Then the SKU that is the highest on the list will be one to become the default.

Changing The Primary SKU

If you are having an issue where you need to change the primary SKU for your product you can change the Retail Price. Either change the SKU you don't want to 0 or less than the other SKU or change the price of the SKU that you do want to a higher price. Doing these changes will not affect your Amazon listing.

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