How to Fetch & Update Missing FBA Shipments


Have you ever created an FBA shipment in Seller Central but then you couldn't find it in SoStocked? We pull the data from Amazon twice a day, once at Midnight-3 am Pacific time, and again at a set time that you can change in the inventory settings. Normally we can receive all of the new FBA shipments from this data pull. However, sometimes the data doesn't pull through. Amazon added a new shipping status called "Ready to Ship" and when it's in "Ready to Ship" status, Amazon does not send us that info. We created a way to find these shipments for you, so you can get all of your FBA shipping data and forecast accurately.

Fetch & Update FBA Shipments

On the Orders page go to FBA Shipments.

On the FBA Shipments page, click on Bulk Actions and scroll down to Fetch & Update FBA Shipment.

Next, a window will pop up for you to enter the FBA shipment ID for the shipment that you need. This ID number will always start with FBA- followed by 9 alphanumerical characters. This will search within your Seller Central account and find that FBA shipment.

Amazon Data Pull

Every day an Amazon API pull occurs from midnight to 3 am Pacific time. SoStocked will also do a second pull at whatever time is best for you. We recommend that you set the time right before you start or workday. The API pull will take around 3 hours to complete and could make using the software seem a bit slower while it is loading. On the Settings page, go to Inventory Settings. Here you will find an option where you can control when the Amazon API data pull will happen every day.

Happy Forecasting!

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