How to use the Amazon Capacity Manager Tool

Amazon changed Restock Limits to Capacity Manager on March 1st, 2023. In this tutorial, we will show you how to use SoStocked's new Capacity Manager tool. 

WARNING: The calculations in this tool are based on cubic feet, which are calculated from the product package dimensions for each product. It is imperative that you have accurate product dimensions for each product saved in SoStocked, or the algorithm will not be able to accurately convert your available cubic feet into the number of units and cartons to send to Amazon. 

1. Log into SoStocked and go to the Inventory Page

2. Make sure you have updated all products' product dimensions as the video shows above. You can either do a manual pull from Amazon, using the drop-down bulk action menu, or you can do a bulk upload. 

3. Go to the Forecast page and open the new Capacity Manager tool.

4. Open your Amazon Seller Central account and open the Capacity Monitor or Capacity Manger tool and copy-paste the current cubic feet and utilization quantity, and max capacity per storage type, per marketplace.

5. You can choose to lock that number, or unlock it, which will give SoStocked the ability to calculate it automatically based on your unit product dimensions, marketplace, and storage setting x the number of units in stock. 

6. Save and update. Make sure the forecast has been fully recalculated before placing any orders.

Learn more about Capacity Manager in our recent blog post.

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