How to Receive POs and Work Orders Inventory in Bulk

SoStocked now has a bulk process to receive your inventory into a warehouse (3PL) in bulk using our bulk upload page.

Start on the Bulk Import page:

From the dropdown menu select Receiving Bulk Update. Download the export file. You can now edit the units received.

Each of the critical required fields will be highlighted in gray and also marked with an asterisk (***). Make sure these fields are filled in before uploading. All of the other columns are optional, to help you match up your existing PO or WO to the correct warehouse, etc.

For example, you must always enter a Shipment ID, as some POs have multiple shipments inside them.

Once you have made your edits on the document, save it then upload it on the bottom portion of the Bulk Import page using the Receiving Bulk Update option.

If after the upload you receive a red error message, you will see a specific cell number(s) that need corrections. You can make the edits and simply re-upload it again. If you do upload a document with errors, none of it will be saved until 100% of the document is corrected and successfully uploaded.

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