How to Prevent Stockouts Using the Split Feature

At times, it is vital to know how to prevent yourself from running out of inventory. Sometimes you sell through faster than normal, either for reasons of cash flow, not placing an order on time or because of an unpredicted sales spike occurring.

In these cases, it is valuable to know how to prevent stock-outs by expediting all or a portion of your shipments.

There are two ways to do this. One is automatic and the other is manual. We will learn both methods below.

The automatic way to split shipments is to assign an Express Lead Time to your products. This can be added to only one product, to your entire catalog, or to all products from a certain Seller or within a certain Marketplace. While some products can be shipped Express, others can't so it is a good idea to define this in the software. Once you set it, it will not change until you change it so it will always automatically calculate any express shipping needs for you.

Adding an Express Lead Time will automatically help you to calculate how much of your inventory you will need to send by express.

Watch this video to learn how to assign Express Lead Times to your products and how Express Lead Times works within your inventory calculations.

You can also correct this manually using our Split Shipment feature. Watch the video or read the tutorial below to master the art of splitting shipments.

You will notice in your Order Tracker or Forecast that one or more of your products on occasion will have a warning (!) symbol. This is an alert set to notify you that, based on your current lead time, you are going to run out of inventory before new inventory is slated to arrive.

In order to fix this, Click on the Order tile to open up the detail pop-up.

You will see your current set Lead Time which is usually set at ship by sea in order to save on expensive air or express shipping costs. But sometimes it is more beneficial to send a portion of your inventory by air or express in order to prevent a stockout. In that case, you will want to split your shipment on a PO level.

To do this, you will start by selecting the Create PO button.

You will, then, be taken to the PO page where you will start by entering a PO number. All other information will auto-populate for you.

You will notice that your Shipping & Logistics section includes the default Lead Time for this supplier. At this point, you can either update the current Lead Time to send all inventory using a faster shipping mode or you can split the shipment to send a portion using the current Lead Time and a portion using a new Lead Time.

To split shipment, select the Split Shipment button.

You will be given a second Shipping & Logistics section. Update the Amount to Ship in each Shipping & Logistics section, then select Edit to update the Lead Time in the 2nd Shipping & Logistics section.

You can then either select a new pre-set Lead Time from the Lead Time dropdown or can update the Lead Time flow directly from the Edit Lead Time pop-up as in the below example.

Update the shipping type.

Then update the number of days.

When you have fully updated your Lead Time, click Confirm.

This will update your Lead Time for your 2nd Shipping & Logistics.

Then, scroll down and sign the PO and click Save & Preview.

You can verify the correctness of your PO on the Preview page.

Click Submit and you will be prompted to either download the PO or email or schedule to send it to your supplier.

Once that is complete, click Confirm and you are done.

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