Inventory Snapshot Report

The Inventory Snapshot is a report that you can export and download from your Inventory Page. The snapshot will go back up to 365 days, or since the day you connected your SoStocked Account to Amazon, whichever is less. The purpose of this report is to get inventory levels, inbound numbers, etc.

Start by accessing your inventory page, which is the hub for all your inventory-related activities.

Locate the Export to Excel Button

At the top of any inventory page dashboard, find the "Export to Excel" button. This button is your gateway to exporting the data you need.

Choose Your Export Options

You can export the current dashboard or select either the Inventory Snapshot or Inventory Snapshot with Warehouse Breakdown. Consider focusing on active products, but there's an option to include inactive products if needed.

Set the Date Range

The report organizes data chronologically, starting from the date you connected your API report or up to one year, whichever is less. Scroll to the desired date range, keeping in mind that the report is a snapshot and won't retroactively update.

Export and Analyze

After setting your preferences, export the report. The Excel file will contain three tabs: Totals Broken Down by Product ID, Region/Market breakdown, and Warehouse breakdown. Each tab provides specific details about your inventory on the selected day.

Understand the Data

  • Totals Broken Down by Product ID: Includes product details and the inventory amount at Amazon as reported by Amazon's API.
  • Region/Market Breakdown: If applicable, displays inventory breakdown by marketplace or region.
  • Warehouse Breakdown: Provides insights into warehouse stock.

Explore Column Definitions

Hover over each column on the SoStocked website to access pop-up definitions. These descriptions are useful for understanding the data columns present in the report. The definitions are not in the snapshot itself.

Important Notes

  • The report is a snapshot taken on a specific day and is not a living document.
  • Changes made after the snapshot date won't reflect in the report.
  • The report captures data up to 11:59 pm Central Standard Time on the snapshot day.


Effectively utilizing the Inventory Snapshot Report empowers you with detailed insights into your inventory. Regularly exporting and analyzing this data helps in making informed decisions about stock management and overall business strategy.

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