How to Use the Demand Plan Upload

SoStocked now has a Demand Plan upload that allows you to create future sales velocity predictions for a product or group of products within our Forecast page. This tool has been heavily requested by larger businesses, agencies, and brands where one or more of the following criteria exist:

  • There is inadequate Amazon historical sales velocity to calculate a forecast timeline from
  • The historical Amazon sales velocity is atypical for accurate prediction of the next 12 months of sales velocity. This could be due to market changes, major supply chain issues, etc. that are more than an algorithm can detect or correct
  • This is a brand-new product with no historical sales, thus the user wants to create a demand plan based on their own market research from competing products, or similar products

The Demand Plan is a bulk export that can be found on the Bulk Export/Import page in your SoStocked account. From there, you simply download the report, fill in the required information, remove any products you do not wish to change, and upload. Once the Demand Plan is uploaded, your product(s) will have a new forecast for the next 12 months based on the uploaded figures. From there, you can adjust any of the standard SoStocked Forecast Settings to customize your forecasting needs.

There are a few optional features within the demand plan that are important for you to understand so please watch the tutorial and take careful notes.

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