Suggestions & Feature Requests - New Tools or Development

SoStocked has always improved based on user feedback, and we encourage suggestions! In fact, we designed and built the first iteration of SoStocked in 2019 by working closely with our early adopters and eCommerce friends within the community.

Now that SoStocked is part of the Carbon6 family, we have a more sophisticated and organized approach to future development.

If you have suggestions for new tools, improvements, or the like, please use the Carbon6 toolbar to submit them. Emailing suggestions to our support team is insufficient, as the Support team does not design or plan future development. We want to ensure your suggestions are logged and categorized appropriately for our Engineering team.

We are constantly working on many tools and improvements, and while we cannot work on all requests simultaneously, we will consider them based on the number of requests, ROI, and market impact.

Thank you for your input!

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