How to Bundle Products in Bulk


Please study the article on how to build product bundles FIRST before studying this bulk bundle article, or this will be confusing. You need to understand how bundles work. Study that article here.

Bulk Bundle Creation

Learn how to use your Bulk File Upload to quickly batch create bundles in SoStocked.


How To Build Out Bundles Using The Quick Export Feature

The first thing that you have to do is to go to the Settings page, and click on "Bulk Export/Import".


Then, select the download type. In this example, we'll be selecting the "Download Quick Export (all products)" from the drop-down list. Once you're done, click on the green Download button. 


Once the export is complete, it will appear to the "Previous Exports". Click on the blue Download button to download the exported excel file.


Locate the downloaded file and click on it to open it up. 


Now, click on the Products tab and locate the products that are going to be your bundles. 


You can find the product names on Column F. As an example, we'll be renaming one of these products with "Bath & Body Shampoo & Conditioner BUNDLE". On Column H, it says Bundled Product (aka Kit), so we'll have to put "Yes" on it.


Now, let's say you are going to build out this bundle but only one of these products do you sell by itself. In this example, we'll say it's the shampoo so this Bath & Body Shampoo is the product that you currently sell as a single unit, and you do not sell the conditioner.


So what you have to do now is to build the conditioner as a brand new product. You can add new products below this gray line, so you can build it down here. You don't necessarily have an ASIN for this, but you should have a UPC Barcode.


Then, you will also put an insert in here, and we'll call it "B&B Bundle Insert". Let's say you don't have a UPC because this is not something that you sell. You still want to put a unique identifier, so you can say this is "Insert-BB1". So now you have 3 items; the conditioner which you do not sell on Amazon and does not have an SKU, the shampoo which you do sell on Amazon and does have an SKU, and this bundle.


The next thing that you have to do is to copy the ASIN for the Bath & Body Shampoo.


Now, we're going to build out the bundle so we move all the way over here to the column that says "Bundles (Kits) Made with These Products to the right" and we're going to plug in our ASIN for the shampoo. We're also going to put how many units of this unit are contained in this bundle. Sometimes, it's a 3-pack and you'll put 3, but in this case, it's a 1-pack or it's 1 shampoo, 1 conditioner, and 1 insert.


Now, we'll copy the UPC Barcode of the conditioner that we've built. 


We'll add it right next to the shampoo, and also put 1 unit.


Now, we'll copy the unique identifying code of the Insert. There are only 2 ways that we are able to identify our assigned items; either using ASIN or if we don't sell it on Amazon, we use a UPC Barcode. The Insert doesn't come with a UPC Barcode, that's why you need to create a unique identifying code even if it's not a UPC Barcode.


Now, we'll add the unique identifying code next to the conditioner, and put 1 unit as well. So now we have 1 shampoo, 1 conditioner, and 1 insert. All three of these go to make up the bundle that we've created. When we upload this, we will have built out a bundle that shows these various components make up this singular bundle.

So this particular technique (especially if you have a lot of bundles) is the best way to quickly build out your bundles moving forward.

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