Adding/Editing Lead Times

Setting Lead Times is important to your business as it determines when the forecasting element of the software will advise you to reorder inventory and further sets the guidelines on how your orders move through the Order Tracker system.

You can add a new Lead Time from anywhere in the system by clicking on the Add dropdown at the top of your screen and selecting Lead Time from this dropdown.

This will open up a new Lead Time record that you can begin building out.

Editing Lead Times
The first thing you will want to do is name your Lead Time.

We recommend making this name as clear as possible to you and your team, such as including type of delivery, ship from/to locations within the title. The number of days will automatically populate within any Lead Times created. For example, for a lead time shipping by Ocean from Ningbo, China to Amazon you might name it:

Ningbo to FBA – Ocean
which will appear as:
70 days - Ningbo to FBA – Ocean

You can then go about the process of building out your Lead Time. This is done by selecting various Statuses from the dropdown and assigning each a number of days.

Quick Tip: It is best practice when building out lead times to set the average time, not a best-case scenario. You can also set a worst-case scenario lead time for busy times of the year when you know your supplier tends to get backed up such as before the holiday season or before and after Chinese New Year.

Use the plus and minus buttons to add and remove statuses as you build out your Lead Time.

An example of a built-out lead time might be:

Your last step is to assign Vendors to this Lead Time. This is an optional step and would set this lead time as the default lead time for any supplier you select, thus removing any other lead time currently assigned to that vendor and is what will be used in your Order Tracker and Forecasting.

You can always temporarily change your Lead Time on a case-by-case basis for any Vendor during the PO or Forecasting process. This is useful when you find you have to air freight inventory or when a delay causes a lead time to run long.

Once your Vendors have been assigned, you can click the Save button, and you are done.

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