Using The Inventory Page & Adding Custom Dashboards

The inventory page gives you a lot of flexibility on how to quickly view and organize your inventory data.

Adding Custom Views

Custom views allow you to quickly save any changes to columns, filters, or grouping, so you can quickly view it again in the future. Click on the ... icon to expand a dropdown, from there you can save or save & favorite the view. If you favorite the view it will get added to the top of your page for quick access. If you don't favorite the view it will show up in the dropdown menu on the left (click the down triangle next to active products to expand it).

Grouping & Filtering

The grouping feature will automatically group your inventory by supplier, warehouse, or brand. If you don't want to group them select group by none and move onto the filter. The filter works on the and/or principle when selecting what columns to filter by. For example, if you want to filter by the Status = Active AND Total FBA Stock > 1 it will show all results where both of those need to be true. The opposite is true if you select OR instead of and.  It will show the results where either option could be true. Add as many filter combinations as you want to see the inventory numbers you want :)

Pro Tip:  Use the filter = is empty when looking for products that don't have a supplier or warehouse assigned.  From there use the bulk actions to assign them quickly to a warehouse or supplier in one click.

Reordering & Hiding Columns

Use the column's dropdown to reorder your columns or toggle them on or off.  Make sure to check this dropdown because there are a lot of options that can be turned on and off.  IMPORTANT - If you want to keep your changes, click save view in the ... icon.

Export to Excel - Past Inventory Snapshots & Current View

Use the download icon to export past inventory snapshots or your current view to excel. Inventory snapshots are great for your accountant to show the value of your inventory in the past. On the other hand, if you export the current view we'll make sure to only export what columns, filters, etc.. you're currently looking at on the page.

Bulk Actions

As you need to make updates to your inventory make sure to leverage the bulk actions dropdown. You can assign warehouses, inventory, and suppliers just to name a few. ***NOTE: if you have a large number of products that you're updating make sure to give the system time to update everything and recalculate your forecast if needed :)

PS: If you need to access the old products page you can find it here

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