How To Properly Use the Reconcile Feature

This video shows you how to quickly & easily get rid of the FBA Reconcile Warning that appears on the Forecast page when you first set up your account and why reconciling is important.

Go to the FBA Shipments section

From the homepage, click the Orders button on the far left margin. Then click on the FBA Shipments link on the top menu.

Filter out everything you do not need to reconcile. 

Use the filter tool to change to "Show Only Reconcile". Then filter out anything that is checked in or being checked in:
- In Transit
- Delivered
- Checked in
- Receiving Once you choose each one of the above filters, then click the Bulk Actions drop-down and choose "Reconcile One Time Shipment".

That brings up a window where you can confirm the reconciliation. Click "Yes, Reconcile".

Now your orders are reconciled and will not be double-counted!

Reconcile FBA Shipments in SoStocked (DEEP DIVE VIDEO)

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