Archiving & Restoring Vendors

Sometimes a Vendor or Product that is imported from your Amazon Store is not needed or, over time, is no longer used. When this occurs, it is helpful to know how to remove these in order to clear them from your work areas.

The below instructions explain how to do this.

To Archive

To archive a Vendor, click on the Actions button to the left of the Vendor name and select Archive from the dropdown.

Confirm the action by clicking, Yes, archive and it will be removed from your normal view. You can always Restore it if you need it in the future.

To Restore

To Restore the Archived Vendor, click the Filter dropdown and select Archived.

This will navigate you over to all of the archived Vendors. Once on that list, locate the Vendor you wish to Restore. Click the Actions button and select Restore from the dropdown.

Confirm by clicking the Yes, make it active button.

This will move the selected item back into your active Vendor list.

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