Disabling & Tracking Removal Orders from Your Sales Velocity

Unfortunately, Amazon reports FBA removal orders through their API as "Customer Orders". This means that SoStocked thinks these removal orders are real "sales" and that could inflate your velocities on your forecasts.

If you do not sell Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) then we can filter all removal orders automatically with one simple setting. If you do sell MCF, then we have to filter those removal orders manually which is covered in the 2nd video below.

We also have a video to track your removal orders should you decide to replenish your warehouse with that inventory.

How to Filter Removal Orders from all Forecasts (Exclude MCF Sales)

Disabling the Removal Orders from the Customer Orders

Tracking Removal Orders and Adding Inventory to 3PLs

(WARNING: Do not make the new supplier shown in the below video your primary supplier.)

Disabling Removal Orders

Start on the Orders page. On the top menu click Customer Orders.

Now click on "Possible Removal Orders". The default setting is to find units purchased over 25 and Multi-Fulfillment Channel (MCF).

You can now see a list of your potential removal orders. Check the box(es) next to any removal orders you would like to eliminate from your sales velocity. Then using the Bulk Actions, select Disable Customer Orders. Viola! Easy.

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