Locking Your Manual Seasonal Spike Number

Locking Seasonal Spikes

If you're concerned about your seasonality being affected by changing your sales velocity, SoStocked now gives you the ability to lock your Seasonal Spikes.

Adjusting Forecasts

Start on the Forecasts area of SoStocked. Click on the product you wish to work on. Scroll down to the Seasonal Spike area and click that.

When you click on your seasonal spikes, you'll see what your current adjusted velocity is, as well as any additional units (whether plus or minus) will be added to that velocity.

Adjust this number, click the "lock" icon, and save changes to effectively lock in your seasonal spike.

Confirming Your Seasonal Spike is Locked

Back at the product forecast area, look at the seasonal spikes section. You'll now see a "lock" icon, confirming that this spike is locked. You may also hover over the individual spike numbers on the right and you'll again see the "lock" icon.

Adjusting Lightning Deals

You can also accomplish this objective using the Future Lightning Deals feature. Simply click on that link, select a date range and the number of units expected to sell during that period and save.

So these are two different ways you can lock in your seasonal spikes and have more accurate future forecast models.

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