Add Supplier Blackout Dates - Chinese New Year


You should include production time in the blackout period. For example, if your blackout period is 2 weeks and starts on February 1st, but your production time is 30 days, I would start the blackout period on January 1st or even a bit earlier so that your supplier has enough time to actually make the inventory and ship it before they close on February 1st. 

Blackout Calendar (Dates To Consider)

Here is a spreadsheet of holidays and other popular dates for you to consider adding as supplier blackout dates. Use it as a tool to help communicate with your suppliers and take notes as you ask them about their blackout dates.

Supplier Blackout Dates Calendar

Getting Started

Supplier Blackout dates allow you to blackout certain periods of time in your product's forecast so that we can group orders differently and not place them during those periods. For example, during the Chinese New Year. When you click on the forecast for your particular product, you can see that SoStocked tells you to place orders based on projected sales, even if your supplier is closed at that time. Let's fix that!

Making Changes to Vendors

Go to your Vendors page, then select the appropriate Supplier.

Scroll down to "Supplier Blackout Dates". Select a date range for your blackout. Name your blackout. You also have the option to repeat annually using the checkbox to the right of the name field. Scroll down and save changes to this vendor.

Checking Your Work

Go back to the original forecast and you will now see that those dates are blocked out. SoStocked is now telling you to place your inventory order EARLIER so it falls before the Blackout date.

BE CAREFUL to set your blackout date starting early enough to give your supplier time to produce the order BEFORE the hard date of the blackout.

Bulk Actions

You can alternately set your supplier blackout dates in bulk using the bulk actions feature on the main menu.

Happy Forecasting!

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