How to Create Purchase Orders (POs) DEEP DIVE


SoStocked uses a Purchase Order (PO) system with lead times for all new inventory orders. And we use a Work Order (WO) system with transfer times for transferring inventory from a warehouse or prep center to Amazon FBA. Without POs or WOs, there is no way to track inventory throughout your production, delivery or warehousing process. 

2 Ways

Currently, there are two ways to create a PO. The first method is by using the green "+" button on the upper, left of any SoStocked page. 

 And the second way to create a PO is by using the order buttons on the Forecast page. You can order by the supplier (all products) or by single SKU only. 

We always prefer to order from the Forecast page, as the PO will auto-populate the product, supplier, quantities, marketplace, lead time, etc. 

Once you have started the PO, simply fill out the required information such as PO number, Supplier, Product, Quantity, Marketplace, Lead time, etc. 

You can even split shipments to send some of the inventory to a second location, or perhaps some by air and the rest by sea. This saves time from creating multiple POs. Read the article on splitting shipments here

Why is there a Work Order?

As mentioned above, all POs are based on lead times. If your lead time includes a warehouse, prep center or any other business besides your supplier, SoStocked will automatically create a work order (WO). You will see this in the workflow at the top of your PO creation page. The reason we create a work order is that the receiving business needs to know what to do with this inventory. 

How would you feel if you had a pallet of shampoo show up on your doorstep with no instructions and no warning? The WO tells the warehouse to store inventory, or the Prep center to bundle products or ship to FBA, etc. 

NOTE: The portion of the lead time you are currently working on will always be black. The portion that is not being affected by this portion of the process will be grey. For example, the warehouse and shipping to FBA portion is grey when you are on the PO. But the production and ocean freight is grey when you are on the WO. 

Once you save your PO (and WO if necessary), then you will have a preview page where you can look over everything. Check over your work before sending your PO. 

Lastly, you will have the option to either email the PO to your supplier right from SoStocked, or to download the PDF and email it yourself. 

You can also download a flat-file for creating your FBA shipping plans in Seller Central. Read this article to learn more about that process. 

And you can even schedule a date in the future to email your WO to the warehouse at the expected arrival date, based on your lead time! 

On this submission page you can even upload your FBA shipping labels or any other attachments to make your transfers easier. 

Track your POs and WOs on the Order Tracker. It follows your Lead Time until the inventory reaches its final destination. 

Of course, we don't have GPS tracking devices inside your inventory cartons or shipping containers, so the lead times and order tracker are all based on averages that YOU DECIDE.

If you prefer to not have your PO move through the Order tracker based on the lead times, you can always change the PO or WO to "Manual" mode, where you have to select and save its status. 

SoStocked gives you many ways to make purchasing and tracking your inventory easier. 

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