How to Create a PO for Products that are not Live on Amazon

Live on Amazon?

SoStocked uses an application programming interface (API) to pull data from your Amazon seller account. When your first set up your SoStocked account, the only products that show up are those found inside your Amazon seller account. Since you must have a product saved inside of SoStocked in order to create a purchase order, some people think this means you can only create a PO if a product is LIVE on Amazon. That is not true. You simply have to create a new product inside of SoStocked then place a PO to order that new inventory.

After your product goes live on Amazon, you can simply plug in the ASIN, SKU, etc. and SoStocked will update that product with sales data and other information as it's pulled from the API.

Creating a New Product

Start on your Inventory page. Click the green "+" button on the top, left corner, then select New Product.

Fill out the product name, supplier info, and marketplace for this product. You must select a marketplace or you will get a warning when you attempt to save this product.

Continue down the page, adding your lead time and whatever information you wish to save about this product. This article is not a full detailed tutorial on how to create a new product, as there are other articles on that already.

Do make sure you add a cost per unit or the system will not let you save the new product.

New Purchase Order

Now that your product has been created, you can create POs for it. Click the green "+" on the top, left of the screen. Then select Purchase Order.

Build your Purchase Order as you normally would with a LIVE product. Choose the supplier, choose the product, choose the quantity being ordered, etc.

The Lead time will of course be the default lead time for that supplier unless you have chosen a different lead time at the product level. Or you can change it in the PO. Select whether you wish to have this PO change statuses in the Order Tracker automatically, or if you prefer to do it manually. The default is Automatic, as always.

Once you save your PO, you will see on the Preview screen that it's still in Draft status. POs are only changed to Active status when you submit them. So whichever you choose, here is where you either keep it as a draft or submit it to active status. If it's Active and set to automatically move through the order tracker, then it will simply follow your saved lead time.

Once your order is done, you are good to go! Keep track of your POs using our Order Tracker dashboard from the Orders page.

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