Shopify, eBay, Walmart, WooCommerce, non-Amazon (WORKAROUND)

How to Simulate Sales and Set up Your Forecast for off-Amazon Sales

How to Adjust Inventory Levels for off-Amazon Sales


SoStocked is only integrated into Amazon. Meaning, our API data is only pulling from Amazon marketplaces. It does not currently integrate with Shopify, Walmart, eBay, Shipstation, Deliverr, WooCommerce, or any other non-Amazon platform. We are working hard to build out these additional API integrations in the future. Meanwhile, here is a video that explains how to use a workaround to incorporate your Shopify (or other non-Amazon sales) into your SoStocked forecasting and inventory management.


So here is something I've seen a couple of different people doing -- what they've been doing right now is updating and coming into the system and add a custom group in here called " Shop" and just putting the US marketplace in there.

Then, you'll have a region called Shop.

As you can see here, it's just going to be called Shop. Now, copy this ASIN and go to your Forecast page.

Paste the ASIN that you've copied in the search bar up here and you'll see that you now have one called Shop -- granted that it's using the US velocity.

Click on the number under theVelocity.

From here, you can put a Manual Velocity, and then that is what you can use for all your inventory or whatever you're doing. The only problem is it's going to pull FBA inventory from the US marketplace which is not ideal, but at least now you can have a forecast to understand what's going on.

Another way -- takes a little bit more work but I've seen some other people doing this -- is to make an exact duplicate of a product. Click this green "+" button up here.

Then, select "+PRODUCT".

Then, we'll call this again " Shop". Put the US marketplace in there, and give it your Shopify SKU.

Now, scroll down, select the Supplier, and give it all the required information. It's not going to have any FBA inventory -- it's just going to strictly have this random region called Shop that you can go and input a forecast and just kind of have data around that.

So these are the two workarounds that I'm seeing people actively use and having success with.

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