How to Turn Off Amazon Marketplaces in SoStocked


Amazon's API gives SoStocked product information on an account level, per marketplace. There are times when you will not want to view every individual marketplace. For example, if you are selling in North America (US, Canada & Mexico) but you're only sending inventory to the United States (also known as the North America Remote Fulfillment, or NARF program). Sometimes products are not selling in those other marketplaces so you will want to turn off that marketplace entirely to tidy up your SoStocked account.

How to Edit Marketplace On a Product Level

1. To turn off a marketplace for select products go into your Inventory page on the left-hand side. Find the product that you want to change the marketplace for and click on the product name.

2. The product info will come up for the selected product. Scroll down to the "Retail Pricing & SKUs" section and click on the red minus button to disable the marketplace you no longer need.

See What Was Removed or Add the Marketplace Back

To see what was removed you click " Disabled SKUs:" highlighted blue. Your recently deleted marketplace will show up at the bottom.

You can easily add the marketplace back by clicking on the blue checkmark.

How to Remove a Marketplace Globally

1. First go to the Settings page on the left. From here find the "Connected Amazon Store" option.

2. Your connected Amazon store will show here with the available marketplaces. Select whichever marketplace you want to turn off (see the blue on/off toggle) and be sure to click "Save Changes". This may take 20-30 min to edit across all of your SKUs.

You can always come back to this same page to reconnect the marketplaces. On your next scheduled API pull it will pull in all of the updated numbers for that seller account.

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