Amazon In-Stock Head-Start Program (Inventory numbers don't match)

There are a few reasons why your "Available" inventory may not match the "Per Country" inventory numbers.

The primary reason for this is a program called the In-Stock Head Start program. And you should use this checklist to diagnose when this happens:

  1. Are there disabled SKUs in SoStocked where Amazon is reporting inventory in that country? If yes, then you must enable that SKU so we can count the inventory. Watch the tutorial on Regional Group settings for more info here.

  2. Are you enrolled in the In-Stock Head Start program? If yes, then Amazon is counting inbound inventory as “Available” even though it's not at Amazon. We recommend to opt-out of this program. What is the Head Start Program? Learn how to opt out here.

  3. Amazon may have sent us bad data. If that's the case, or it's just bad API reports (usually timing) then you can re-pull that inventory data one time using our Inventory Settings.

More on Amazon API report timing and unmatching numbers here.


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