Overview - Fee Prevention Dashboard

The Fee Prevention section of SoStocked, which can be accessed on the left menu by clicking the graph icon, has a profit dashboard that shows you at a glance which products are forecasted to cost you the most in aged inventory fees for a given period of time.

From there, you can filter, sort and organize your products to assign tasks to your various teams to prevent or reduce these forecasted fees. The end result of proper use of this dashboard is greatly reduced overstock and aged fees and ultimately, more money back in your pocket to grow your business!

Organizing Data - Filters & Mega Columns

In this video you will learn how the dashboard works, how to organize and sort the data for best results, based on your specific business needs.

Assigning Tasks - Remove, Liquidate & Market

In this video you will learn how to assign action plans for your products in order to give your teams specific direction to sell-through, liquidate or remove profit-killing products from Amazon.

Understanding Profit Graphs & Headings

In this video you will learn how to read the graphs and use the data to fine-tune your fee prevention strategy.

Tactical Dashboards & Actionable Tags

In this final video, you will learn how to take your action plans and execute them with your teams using custom dashboards. You also learn how to use tags, filtering and columns to track the progress of your action plans. It is vital that you USE the data on these dashboards and follow up to ensure the plans are effectively executed. Knowledge is power only when it's applied.

IMPORTANT! In the Removals/Liquidate dashboard, you may need to adjust your "Inventory Age" filter to isolate the Units Impacted that you would like to remove. The default uses 180 Days aged.


For more training on how to build your strategic plans and tactical action plans, be sure to browse and study our other tutorials here.


These projected fees are calculated based on Amazon's Aged Inventory Report that we pull daily through the API. The projected fees are based on the size of your product times the units in stock and the age of the inventory. Then, using your SoStocked Forecast Timeline, we project how these fees will incur over time. These projected fees should always match closely to your Overstock Dashboard, which is again pulling from your timeline.

If the numbers don't match, it's likely due to the fact that your Overstock Dashboard is looking at a 13 month timeline, while the Fee Prevention dashboard is only looking up to 12 months (or less if you have filtered for a shorter period). Also, keep in mind that this Fee Prevention dashboard is only looking at Aged Fees, not standard monthly storage fees.

Make sure you have also studied the tutorial for the Overstock Dashboard so you understand how these fees are calculated.

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