Order & Transfer Schedules - Setting Buffer, Min & Max Stock

Getting Started

From the Forecast page, select the product you wish to edit the order schedule for, by clicking on the arrow in the white area to the right of the picture of the product. This will expand the forecast details page.

Selecting A Basic Order Schedule

On the Calculation Variables table to the left, click the Order Schedule frequency to open the drop-down menu. This is the blue text to the right. Then choose your basic order schedule, i.e., Every 3 months.

Using “As Needed” Scheduling - Min & Max

From the Order Frequency drop-down, select “As Needed”. We recommend using the “Use Min & Max Range” feature so that SoStocked can better predict how much inventory you wish to keep at your FBA fulfillment centers and warehouses, based on the number of days of stock (calculated from your forecast) or based on the number of units. Whichever is easier for you. You can choose to round up to the nearest carton if desired (recommended). Then save and apply. You can also save and apply across multiple products if you wish.

Adjusting Transfer Schedule

Repeat these same steps for adjusting your transfer schedule (transferring from a warehouse instead of ordering from a supplier).

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