How to Update a PO with a LIVE Product on Amazon (Merge Products)


This is not a common problem, and it happens from time to time where you may order inventory from a supplier BEFORE the product is live on Amazon. In that case, you would have created the product in SoStocked manually, so there is no ASIN to connect to the PO.

This article will show you how to fix that problem by merging products in SoStocked.

How to Update a PO with a LIVE Product on Amazon

In this example, here is a purchase order that is currently in production. You can open it up and take a look at it.

This specific example is for a stainless steel shaker that is not live on Amazon yet. You can click EditOrder and take a look at it.

Going back to your Inventory page, you can search for the keyword "Shaker" to locate it easily.

This will show the product that is already live on Amazon and needs to be updated in SoStocked. To update this purchase order, check both products and click the Bulk Actions button above.

Then click Merge Products.

Then you will have to choose which of the choices is the primary product. The primary product is the one that's actually live on Amazon because that is the ASIN. That's where all of your API data is coming from, and the other one is like a placeholder for your supplier so that you can place that purchase order and keep track of the inventory.

After choosing the primary product, click Merge.

Now, you only have one stainless shaker. Any data that was not updated on this SoStocked listing was pulled in from the other listing you created earlier and now merged.

You can go to the Orders page and take a look at your purchase order now.

Click Edit Order and make sure that everything is updated properly.

As you can see, it's got the ASIN attached to it, together with the internal part number (IPN) and other information.

So now, you can save the purchase order.

You don't have to submit it again. since it's already submitted and active.

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