What Days Until S.O. Mean?

When using SoStocked, you will see on the Forecast page how many days of inventory you have left on Amazon. Sometimes you will see a red "!", which indicates an upcoming stock-out. Here is how to fix that.

What do Days Until S.O. mean?

Days Until S.O., or Days Until Stock-Out are the total number of days that you will remain in stock at Amazon based on your current FBA inventory on hand and on order direct to FBA.

What is the red exclamation mark for?

The red "!" is simply a warning telling you that you're going to run out of inventory at FBA at some point. You can click on one of the Days Until S.O. with a red "!" to view its inventory timeline.

If you scroll down the inventory timeline, you can see that at some point, you ran out of inventory at FBA.

In this example, you can see that after 17 days, you will have 2 stock-out days.

What should you do if you see a red exclamation mark?

A good thing to do when you see a red "!" on one of your Days Until S.O. is to look over your calculation variables because about 95-99% of all inventory issues come from this.

Reconciled Shipments

Reconciled Shipments are inventory that will count towards your Days Until S.O. It means that you've recognized the shipment and it's on its way to FBA. You can count that inventory either at FBA or on its way to FBA.

For example, if you have inventory on your purchase order that is going to a warehouse, that will not count towards your Days Until S.O. because it's not going to FBA.

Snoozing Transfers and Orders

One thing that you can do to check if you're looking only at the existing inventory and inventory on its way is to go to your inventory timeline and temporarily snooze any forecasting.

Click "Transfers", choose "Snooze Forever", and click "Save & Apply To This Product Only".

Then, click "Orders", choose "Snooze Forever", and click "Save & Apply To This Product Only". This will clean the system of any forecasted orders.

As you can see, we still have 17 days which means that forecasting is not included in that number and it's only what's already in the system.

One Last Thing...

You can also see the number of Days Until S.O. if you click on "Inventory" and look for "Days Left on AMZ".

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